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On piste

Posted by Francesca
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I am enjoying the Winter Olympics and I watch in absolute awe, when bodies fly through the air whilst doing quadruple salchows,  triple axels, twists, swizzles, flips, loops,  3 and a half turn pikes  and then land majestically, featherlike and effortlessly on slippery ice and snow without the slightest twitch.  How on earth do they do that?  I sometimes trip over my own feet walking upstairs!

The level of risk, both physically, emotionally and even financially is massive, to be able to reach the best of the best in the world!  Determination, resilience, passion, practice, practice and then more practice are the essential traits as a start…and that’s the ‘how’, but what amazes me is the ‘why’?

 Why would you go through all that pain?  I didn’t have to think too long for the answer, as we all live by the mantra of wanting to be the best at what you do, even our day jobs!

It’s great to receive awards, accolades of a job well done, receive recommendations and referrals and that’s what makes our jobs more enjoyable.  Personally, when I hear my clients praise my efforts and how much time I’ve saved them, I can imagine myself on that podium receiving the ‘gold’ for ‘best recruiter’!

We’re very competitive at people2people; always striving for the best, being the first and the most innovative, especially when it comes to business process outsourcing.  We know we can do many things better and more cost effectively that our competitors, so try us. 

We’ll flip-over backwards and triple axel to meet your desired goals.