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Newbie Jitters…

Leanne Lazarus Posted by Leanne
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When you have been with an organisation for a long period of time, you naturally settle into your cocoon of comfort.  You know the systems, the processes, the people and how to get things completed quickly, whilst at times bypassing the strict regime of process… but that is how you get things done!

Now, I am not shying away from the challenge of sourcing a new role, or even managing and ‘conquering’ the interview process, but starting a fresh is daunting to say the least.  In your mind you envisage how you are going to walk in on the first day, what the people are like and what the culture is going to be...and then the doubts / concerns settle in:

  • Will they like me?

  • Will I settle in?

  • Will I be successful?

  • Will I pick up the systems?

  • Some people might be more worried about where they are going to get their golden cup of courage (AKA Coffee) first thing in the morning…

The list goes on!  Depending on if you naturally over analyse, you might walk into the office a little more stressed that what is actually required.

In fact, it should be remembered, that being the ‘NEWBIE’ has quite a few positives too:

  1. Opportunity to learn

Joining a new organisation gives you the opportunity to learn new systems, try out new processes and gain a new understanding of how other businesses operate.

  1. Meet new people

Meeting new people – not just in your immediate surroundings but the clients with whom you interact.  Developing your network helps you to grow your business, so open up the channels of communication and start building strong relationships.

  1. Build your new brand / network

When you join a new organisation, your clients immediately change and you have the opportunity to start generating new relationships. Who knows; sometimes old relationships follow you too…eventually!

  1. Share your knowledge and experience…

Don’t walk in on your first day and tell everyone what they are doing is incorrect; first take the time to learn their systems, their processes and why they do it the way they do. Once you have mastered the art, if there is a suggestion you can make, to help streamline or improve productivity, share it and see if can be useful!

  1. Be the master of your own destiny!

I have always been taught; what you put into your work is what you get out of it. So if you want to be successful, put in the extra effort, make that one more phone call, send out that last email!  Go home when you know you have completed your goals.

One thing to remember being the newbie is… Rome was not built in a day – so give yourself a little room to learn, listen and settle in…and the rest will follow!