Jalan - My Experience at people2people

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As a year 12 student from Patrician Brothers Fairfield, I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest. It wasn’t that I thought people2people would be boring, that I would just sit at a desk and end up doing my homework like my last work experience. That all changed as I arrived at the office, I met the receptionist (called the peoplemanager) Ashlee. She then took me to meet my supervisor Janet , which introduced me to the team.

For my first day, Janet showed me around the workplace, the offices, bathrooms and the kitchen and the tasks she does on a day to day basis. She then handed me easy tasks so I could get settled in and then as we progressed throughout the week, she introduced me to some more challenging tasks (a shout out to Ashlee for the help) and they really tested my ability. The first two days felt slow, but the more I did work throughout the week, I noticed that time went quicker.

people2People treated me really well and in return I respected them, even when I felt like I wasn’t able to complete a task, they helped me understand and realise, that the task can be done, it just takes a few tries and eventually you’ll get it.

Overall, I can say that I learned a lot more about the business environment and I gained a few skills along the way. Thanks to everyone at people2people; but a big thanks to Colleen, Sally, Aiden, Christina, Janet and Ashlee.