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Direct Candidate Sourcing

Kim Padmore Posted by Kim
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In a candidate short-market, it’s important to use a wide variety of methods to source quality applicants.

Sure, you could put an ad up and wait for the candidates to come to you, but when the volume of suitable candidates just isn’t available, the candidate talent pool does not have the calibre of candidates that your business deserves to attract. As a recruiter, our job is to source the best available talent, fast! Talent that hiring managers don’t have the time or resources to locate themselves.

One of the ways that we tap into this talent is by developing a network of people whom we can approach, even if they’re not actively participating in the job market. The people who aren’t on ‘anyone’s books’. This is a particularly important method for niche roles and sourcing a more specific skill set as required by hiring managers. This also means hiring managers aren’t competing with other organisations, as these job seekers aren’t interviewing elsewhere. We find that the best candidates are those who aren’t actively looking and who don’t have their resume peppered all over the market, because they are already employed and performing.

Good employers are not concerned by the thought that their staff will be approached with opportunities. They are confident that their staff are highly valued and treated accordingly.

All businesses should always ensure that their staff are being remunerated fairly, are being offered development opportunities and work in a positive and supportive working environment.

So is it wrong? The golden rule is of course, that those people and organisations you have a business relationship with are off limits. Otherwise, it’s not wrong, it’s part of the job of a progressive recruiter.