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The 10 Reasons Why I Choose to Work Between Christmas and New Year

Manda MillingPosted by Manda
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I say it every year; that the next year I will have the traditional break between Christmas and New Year and each year I choose to work through. Why?

I am fortunate (in a manner of speaking), that people2people remains open during all the trading days of the year, except for the public holidays. As we have a large temporary workforce, they still require their weekly payments (even more so during this time of year). It is the yearend for many multinational companies, there can be a strong demand for temporary assistance over the ‘holiday’ period.

So, here are my reasons:

  1. I can save my leave so I can use it for an extended break later in the month or the year
  2. There is NO ONE on public transport or the roads, so getting to work takes a fraction of the time, with plenty of room to move on a train/bus/road.
  3. I do not have to queue for coffee, food, the post office, the bank, basically anything
  4. The dress code is mufti
  5. I can organise our cupboards and get rid of all the paperwork no longer required, anything over 7 years old
  6. I can organise my e files, so they finally make some sense
  7. Those ‘I’ll get around to it’ jobs, are actually completed
  8. Due to the small number of staff working, we have morning tea, usually a lot of Christmas home cooked leftovers.
  9. I get to work with and therefore get to know much better, newer members of staff, when I usually wouldn’t have that opportunity
  10.  You tend to finish earlier, people are not as stressed and are in holiday mode anyway!