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It Will Not Kill You to Disconnect!

Catherine KennedyPosted by Catherine
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I have just returned from 9 days without any email, phone or internet connection. NINE DAYS!! For this communication addict, I was nervous about how I would cope. I am always connected, replying quickly to emails and staying across what’s happening in our business, even when I am on leave. The thought of having no idea what was happening in the business for close to 2 weeks was pretty unnerving.

But you know what? It was the best thing ever! On a personal level, I engaged with my kids and my husband with much more focus than I had in a long time, but it really reinvigorated me on a professional level as well. Challenges that I felt were almost too hard to tackle, now seem far more manageable. By giving my brain time to check out and recharge, it is rewarding me with new ideas and an energy and optimism that I realise I have been missing in recent months.

Since returning from leave, I’ve been much more disciplined with making time to just ‘be’ without the constant communication noise. Of course, I still pride myself on being a responsive supplier to my clients and leader in our business, but I’ve realised I am better at both of these things if I spend some time with my thoughts. By letting ideas mature and then different angles come to light, rather than just running on the treadmill of ‘getting stuff done’.

So my message to my fellow communication addicts out there is that the benefits of ’going dark’ far outweighs the nerves of letting go. Give it a try – you never know what lightbulb moments you may have when you give your mind time to wander.