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A Year in Recruitment

Posted by Emma
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I commenced working with people2people in January 2017 – and as I write this in December, 2017, I’ve pause to reflect on what a year it has been!

My role here as a ‘Para Consultant’ involves working alongside a Senior Consultant in the Temporary Business Support Recruitment team, sourcing candidates across a variety roles; such as Executive Assistant and Customer Service.

As the year draws to a close I can’t help but reflect at the vast amount of knowledge I have gained this year, but also consider the frustrations which come with recruitment!


This refers to the way in which a candidate (job seeker) will disappear off the face of the earth after successfully reaching a crucial stage of the recruitment process. This is usually after their interview, and you never seem to hear from them again.

Believe it or not, recruiters have all been job seekers too once, and we know that you may receive other job offers, or life may get in the way of your job search. But just please let us know. Our service to you is free, so it is polite to be honest and open throughout the process. Please bear in mind that if you go MIA (missing in action) this may be questioned by a potential hiring manager.

No show 

Similar to the above, not turning up to a scheduled interview with a recruiter and not letting them know, is impolite. I interview several people per day, but this is not to say that I don’t value each and every person I meet. I schedule at least 30 minutes out of my working day per person. If you are unable to arrive for your appointment perhaps, then another job seeker could fill the spot.

Responding to a phone call via email

I touched upon this this in my last blog () but this seems to be the norm for a lot of people. I pick up the phone to so many people – both candidates and hiring managers. If I leave a voicemail asking someone to phone me back - it’s because I want to speak to them, not receive an email instead. Writing an email takes a lot of time, so please pick up the phone for a quick conversation instead.

The good stuff

I have met some amazing candidates this year, several of whom are still contracting for p2p today. They are genuine, open and honest and this reflects in their work ethic and repeated reliability. Finding a job seeker a job that they love and in which they excel, is such a good feeling as a recruiter! Similarly, hearing great feedback for a placed candidate from a hiring manager makes this job worthwhile.

 The training and support we receive at p2p is outstanding. I recommend that if you are looking to embark in a career in recruitment, then please consider our current opportunities! p2p provide you with on-the-job mentoring which has gone far beyond my initial expectations.

The clear succession plan at p2p now sees me taking the step to start my own desk as a Recruitment Consultant. Watch this space!

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2018.