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Why Choose Western Sydney?

Peta Seaman Posted by Peta
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Being a university student in North Sydney, there’s constant competition with rivalry universities in regards to the top graduate programs, internship opportunities, or permanent positions. Knowing full well that universities such as USYD and UNSW will get top priority, it’s tough for the rest of us who have to battle for the remaining opportunities in what’s perceived as wonderland, Sydney City. So that begs the question...why not Western Sydney?

In recent years, there have been constant developments in Sydney’s West, in an attempt to not only modernise, but to also transform it into a much more ‘city like’ area. More importantly, Western Sydney, in my experience, places a much larger importance on personal merit, rather than academic success. With students in particular, it enables us the chance to break into the industries we have spent tens of thousands of dollars to get into, as opposed to facing constant rejection from big city brands. Western Sydney businesses provide a much more personalised experience and really aim to set you up for the future, in whichever direction you wish to take.

With Sydney City being held it such high regard, any attempts to replicate that same aura should not go unnoticed. In the last year alone, 50,000 jobs were created across a wide variety of industries. Western Sydney presents opportunities for more than just struggling students, giving people from all age groups and backgrounds a chance to gain employment and to develop their career portfolio. With some of NSW’s largest companies such as Vitex, Schweppes and Arnott’s moving their operations to Western Sydney, it presents many opportunities for Western Sydney to grow as a region and for its societal perception and desirability to become that of Sydney City.

With jobs opening constantly and companies focusing on the personal and professional qualities of applicants as opposed to just their educational background, it really is becoming a city of opportunity.