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Match the Office Worker to the Christmas Carol

Posted by Tammy
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1. We Wish you a Merry Christmas

This person gets overly excited about Christmas. You’ll find them coming back from every lunch break with a new addition to their Christmas shopping list and they’ll be bringing in samples of their Christmas baking for the whole office to enjoy.

2. Silent Night

The silent night goers are just that – silent. They’re just not into Christmas as the rest of us and that’s okay, each to their own. But boy, can they belt out a good Christmas carol when they really try.

3. Jingle Bells

This person is the grooviest of them all and enjoys a dance off at the Christmas party. They’re a child at heart and won’t have any trouble showing off their zest for life on the lead up to the big day.

4. Six White Boomers

Your classic Aussie gal or guy. Looking forward to ‘a cold one’ with family and friends on Christmas Day and a feast for lunch and dinner followed by Pavlova or Christmas Trifle.

5. Last Christmas I Gave you my Heart

This unlucky soul just split from their significant other and is now watching Bridget Jones’ Diary hoping for their Mr or Ms Darcy next year! Times are tough and Christmas Day is looking bleak.

6. I’ll be Home for Christmas

The office expat working abroad or living away from home. They’re heading back home for the holiday season to spend time with the family. You’re probably just as excited for them, as they are!