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Jobs in Real Time

Posted by Fabio
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In late 2017, people2people launched ‘Jobs in Real Time’, a filmed segment using only a camera phone and streaming it on Facebook live.

Facebook Live is one of the most innovative new frontiers of engagement for people2people and as this platform grows in popularity, statistics on the Facebook Live are constantly changing.  My idea behind our series, is to talk about jobs available in the market in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland, in real time. As people2people specialise in recruiting for accounting, executive, legal support, property, sales, marketing, admin, banking, hr, operations & supply chain, customer service, we want to ensure that we have coverage of those disciplines and reach as widely as possible.

We generate interest ahead of the filming time by promoting each episode on other channels, including tweets and Facebook posts and the people2people website. ‘Jobs in Real Time’ is having some profound effects on the way job seekers perceive and interact with us through live video on Facebook. We have been sharing an entirely new type of content, focusing on what is happening in a single moment. Once we are live, the consultants at people2people on hand to answer user questions on Facebook and boost the video’s discoverability with ad campaigns.

Some of our consultants who have participated in the live video found this new idea very exciting and the ‘live’ interaction in real time through Facebook is simply impressive.

people2people has been a  winner of the Recruitment International Growth Company of the Year Award in 2016 and finalist in 2017 and we are continuing these innovations as a part of our ongoing growth strategy.

Videos we have released receive an average of 400 to 1000 views, making the job market very flexible and fresh, job seekers are finding this new way of communication very immediate.

If you don't want to miss our next episode, please ‘Like’ our Facebook page as we are live each Monday at 2:30pm (AEDT).


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