How Much Should You Drink at Your Office Christmas Party?


by Herman Benade

about 1 year ago


So, what is acceptable and what’s not? Your work Christmas Party is ultimately  a time to celebrate all the successes and hard work which has been put in throughout the year. It’s also an opportunity to build stronger working relationships. 

So here are my thoughts.  Know yourself, can you handle your alcohol and what type of person are you when you have a few drinks?  If you have woken up on a few occasions dreading ever speaking to the people you were drinking with again, then make sure you don’t drink too much as it’s still a work event. What happens at the Christmas Party does not stay at the Christmas Party, which can have unfortunate consequences. 

Most employers will provide a guide of their expectations of employees’ behaviour at the Christmas Party and will also have in place a ‘responsible service of alcohol’ policy. If an employer is seen to have not provided a ‘duty of care’ to its employees, then this can have serious legal consequences.

 The flip side to this is that it’s important for people to see who you are as a person outside of the working environment. So if you aren’t horrible when you have had a couple of drinks, have them. Just be aware of what you are doing, and how that will reflect on your reputation with your colleagues.

I would love to hear your opinions.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays  

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