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How Do We Engage with the Millennial Generation?

Posted by Chloe
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It’s a question that employers are asking themselves every day. Whether they are looking to engage with them to sell their services or they are looking to be seen as an employer of choice, employers have to get in touch with this ever growing and influential generation. This is why I am seeing such an increase in digital and social marketing roles. Gone are the days of direct marketing campaigns and press releases.

While there is still a time and a place for these methods, the way to engage with this generation is vastly different from early in the earlier 2010’s. A millennial is going to be considerably more responsive to Twitter or Facebook campaigns, than the traditionally ‘old school’ methods.

This has meant that employers are consistently employing candidates who understand these technologies. This has invariably meant engaging with this generation which is embarking on the world of work. If this sounds like something that you are looking to embark on, people2people are allocating a huge emphasis and resources for the hiring managers we work with. We can partner with your business, so that you can take the next step into the digital world.