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Why Should I Have to Use Your System?

Liz Jones Posted by Liz
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Over the course of my 12 years in recruitment, as you would expect, I have experienced a wide variety of work situations. As I also specialise in the placement of temporary/contract personnel, I am also the representative of their employer as they contract or work temporarily for people2people.their employer).

So my question is, what do you think is the best way to communicate or interact with your employer?  I am not sure that you would answer, ‘shouting a series of demands’.

Recently, I took a call from one of people2people’s temporary staff asking to speak with another one of our consultants. As that person was unavailable, I asked “How can I help you?”  Unfortunately, this questions was answered with ( and I quote) “can you just send me the link and my password, it’s bad enough I have other things to do and now I have to follow your process too” (unquote)

The short answer to this question is that as your employer, we have a process that we all have to follow and we are happy to explain it to you if and when required. However, what we are not happy about is the manner in which some of the questions are asked and very rarely, threats that are made. In addition, if that type of call is made to us, what does that say about how they communicate with their hiring manager?

I might also add, that if I spoke to my Boss in this manner and with this attitude, I know I would have some serious explaining to do and a lot of bridges to mend.