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When you need to Quit Your Job!

Ben Wheeler Posted by Ben
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Quitting your job is, hopefully, as simple as leaving to take on a better opportunity.  However sometimes you might have to make this decision with no opportunity to go too.  It can still be the right decision to make, but should not be taken lightly.  Whatever you do, don’t rush into it and make sure you give the decision the time it deserves.

Here are 5 reasons you should quit:

Your professional integrity is comprised

You should always listen to your gut instinct, and not ignore any feeling that your professional integrity is being comprised.  Ignoring this could be the worst decision you ever make!

Your personal brand is being damaged

Is your personal brand being associated with an organisation or individual that you know will damage your credibility? Get out now before more damage is done, it’s hard to undo.

You are not engaged

It’s likely you wanted to leave some time ago but the market is tough, the pay is great, and it’s just too hard.  Well the fact you don’t want to be there will be very obvious to everyone else and you certainly won’t be performing at your best.  Leave now before your poor performance defines you.

Your stress level is through the roof

Your stress level is starting to affect your physical and mental health; you are burnt out.  It’s a dangerous place to be, acknowledge it and seek assistance, even if it means getting out of your job.

Your family needs you

Hopefully your employer would understand and support you but if they don’t, resign.  We all know there is nothing more important than family and trying to be there for them during a tough time as well as meeting work commitments can be impossible.