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What it’s Like to Work in My Team

Christina Sclavos Posted by Christina
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I recently attended a Greg Savage presentation where we explored the topic ‘Leadership is Action’. Greg encouraged us to explore the terms ‘Manager’ versus ‘Leadership’. The first is simply stamped on a business card and the latter is truly how you can influence attitude and behaviour. Being the inspiring public speaker that he is, Greg got me thinking, which word would my team use to describe me?

At people2people, I currently manage a team of four consultants and administrators, a position I’ve held since early 2016. Over this time, I have worked closely with each individual consultant, coaching and mentoring them through their recruitment journey. Simultaneously, I am also responsible for our HR and Executive recruitment desk. Training consultants is my true passion, however I have no intention of stepping away from my desk and recruitment portfolio. Why? Because I love to lead by example. Staying current as a consultant helps me be a better manager. If I am making the hard sales calls, consulting and sourcing candidates, working my way through the frustrations that come with a career in recruitment, then my team is motivated to do so too.

As you very well know, you have to ‘walk the talk’.

My core values include leadership, accountability, communication, dependability and empowerment. I thrive off coaching, and sharing information and success stories. I love to see my team develop cold desks into warm leads and reap the rewards of repeat business. When working alongside me, I want my team to feel supported, encouraged and motivated. Given the growth and success the permanent specialist recruitment team has experienced over the past 18 months, I believe we must be doing something right!

But then again, maybe you should speak to the team!