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Are you Interviewing Anywhere Else?

Colleen Deere Posted by Colleen
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More often than not, when you are sitting in an interview room with a recruiter, you will be asked a question which revolves around your current job search. This may sound a bit like; “Where are you up to with your job search?” “Are you interviewing anywhere else? “Do you have anything else in the pipeline at the moment?” When you are asked this question, it’s not the same as your current manager asking you about why are you looking for another job. This is beneficial for both you as a job seeker and also for your recruitment consultant.

Here’s why:

1). It gives us an idea of what sort of roles you are really interested in and therefore actively pursuing and it narrows down what positions you are targeting and focusing on.

2). As a recruitment agency, commonly, the roles we are asked to advertise, do not disclose the hiring organisation’s name There is always the possibility that you may have already applied or had an interview with them, so please advise us of the name and we can avoid a duplicate application.

3). Time is of the essence! If you respond and say “I’m only at the start of my job process”, “I’ve just applied for a few roles”, “I haven’t interviewed anywhere else”, then this suggests that as a recruitment consultant, we have a little bit of time. However, if you are able to provide a strong indication of how active you really are in the job market, then trust me this will benefit you. It will allow us to advise the hiring managers that they need to move as quickly as possible and avoid missing out being able to hire you, purely because of timing.

Job seekers are very active and move quickly in and out of the job market. As recruiters, we are very aware of this, so please be transparent with your job search details. I can assure you, we will always keep you in the loop too!