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Are You Happy with the ‘Sound’ of Your Resume?

Simon Gressier Posted by Simon
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uI am not writing anything new, when I emphasise the importance of your resume being a true reflection of your actual work history. It is not uncommon for mistakes to occur in some job choices over the course of a person’s working life.

It happens.

Potential employers/hiring managers can live with that, it has probably happened to them too. However, discovering that a potential employee has actually misrepresented the content of their resume, such as lengthening the time spent working with one employer, to cover a less than successful short tenure with another employer, is rarely well received. It raises all sorts of issues when there could have been a simple explanation. It may even go as far as having the ‘nexus of trust’ irretrievably broken. You certainly do not want anything to impair your success in the selection process or securing that great job offer.

If a hiring manager/employer cannot trust the information provided in interview or a reference, how can they trust the work provided once employed? This becomes even more vital, the higher up the corporate ladder you climb.

The integrity of a resume is a direct reflection of the integrity of a job seeker.

So, are you still happy with the ‘sound’ of your resume?