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Working Holiday Visas: How to Apply for a Job in Australia

Posted by Sally
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Welcome to Down Under! You’re arriving at a good time, the weather is starting to warm up and the job market is still busy. As thousands of like-minded individuals arrive from around the world for a few years of good times, new friends and exciting experiences, pushing yourself ahead of the crowd to obtain a role that is well paid, interesting and challenging is super important.

Here are some tips to assist you in navigating the Australian job market, including what to put on your resume and which jobs to apply for.

Your resume:

  • Include your Australian address and mobile number – if your address isn’t fixed yet, include the city you’re in e.g. Sydney or Brisbane, so recruiters know you have arrived

  • Highlight the type of visa you have and when it expires

  • Don’t include a photo, it’s not customary in Australia to include one and could mean you face unnecessary bias before you begin interviewing!

Applying for jobs:

  • Make a note of whether the position is permanent, temporary, or a contract. As a working holiday visa candidate, you are restricted to six months with one employer – which means we can’t consider you for long term contracts and permanent positions. To save yourself time ( and disappointment), apply to temporary positions only

  • Register yourself with one or two agencies and work exclusively with them. Showing dedication and reliability will ensure you get repeated calls from your recruiter


  • If you’re looking to work in a corporate office, ensure that you either bring corporate attire from home or buy some before you interview with a recruiter. Target, Kmart, and H&M all have corporate attire which won’t break the bank

  • Treat your interview with a recruiter as though you were interviewing with a hiring manager – put your best foot forward from the moment you walk into reception

  • Don’t arrive at a recruitment office unannounced. We often operate by appointment only and most agencies are specialised and may not be able to assist you. If you are looking to register on a general basis, head to the agency’s website and give us a call

Put these tips into action and you’ll snag a new role really quickly. If you’ve finished reading this blog and want to see what temporary positions people2people are currently recruiting, head to today!