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When You Want Something Done Properly . . . Let Someone Else Do It!

Posted by Francesca
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I’m a bit of a control freak.  You know, from the era of “if you want something done well, do it yourself!” Over the past few years I’ve changed – slowly at first, but now I’m always looking for opportunities to delegate.  After all, I’ve convinced myself I know everything there is to know about people and ‘stuff’ (ask my kids)  and it’s about time to share the love.

Now as I watch my team develop, learn and grow, I’m grateful for the more family friendly hours, less stress and general wellbeing.  I’m also proud when I receive extremely positive feedback from our clients, complimenting our team for a job well done.

Do you find it hard to delegate?  I’m going to slip into a nice little segue-way and call it ‘outsourcing’.  Why on earth would you want to trawl through dozens of applications for each of your job vacancies and allow your ‘real’ job, the tasks that you really want to do, fall behind?  Why have multiple suppliers and multiple invoices when you can streamline it all into one.  Why not outsource your payroll function as well?

Whether you are aware of it or not, there are people out there who can do all of this for you. All you have to do is to outsource these types of functions to someone like me! Business process outsourcing, recruitment process outsourcing, also referred to as  managed services, are growing at an accelerating rate, all because highly trained professionals, like you, are too busy to be distracted from their day job.

Managed services is MY day job, so please give me a call and find out how we can improve your time management and delegate to us.