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Mobile/Cell Phone Etiquette

Posted by Sasha
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Today, almost everything is done through our phones, it’s a great way to stay connected to people. But one important piece of advice I can give you is…please don’t arrive to an interview with your phone in your hand! Many people think, ‘it’s just the receptionist, it doesn’t matter’, when in actual fact, we are the first person you should be impressing.

 So here’s a few ‘mobile phone do nots’ when arriving to an interview.

Before arriving for an interview, it is a good idea to have your phone on silent and placed in your bag or pocket. You would think that this in common sense, but you would be surprised how many people I encounter every day who don’t know the correct phone etiquette when arriving for an interview.

If you do have your phone in your hand, please don’t text whilst talking to the receptionist. It really doesn’t present a very good first impression. If you arrive early (which is a topic for another blog) and you are asked to take a seat and wait, this doesn’t mean get your phone out and take a selfie, it simply means take a seat and wait. Your interviewer doesn’t want to be greeted by you whilst you are pouting for a new Instagram photo #interviewfail. You want your hands to be free to greet the interviewer in a professional manner.

Headphones…if you are listening to your music whilst on your journey to an interview then that’s obviously fine. But take them out and put them away before entering the building, don’t arrive to the desk still head bopping to your favourite tune. No matter how refined your taste in music is, it just doesn’t look good.

And finally…once your interview is over, wait until you are in the lift, or have left the building before you get your phone out to update your Facebook status.

(Ironically, you will probably be reading this blog on your mobile too.)