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Don't Be a No-Show

Melanie Hammond Posted by Melanie
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There is one thing which can frustrate recruiters and interviewers…a lot. To be honest, I think it would frustrate any person in the workplace. As recruiters, part of our job is to interview job seekers. What may seem like a minor issue, can actually affect a whole day. If you have made a booking for an interview, please, let us know if you need to cancel or reschedule it, for whatever reason.

Some job seekers who have booked in for an interview, don’t turn up. The job seeker may have been offered a fantastic opportunity for a position between the time they booked on for the interview and interview day. That is wonderful news, and we’re pleased. If you find yourself in this type of situation, please just give the recruiter/interviewer a call to let them know you are unable to attend the interview. We honestly won’t mind.

An increasing number of medical professionals now charge for a missed appointment without notice! Now, whilst a recruiter can never charge a fee,  as it’s a free service, you just never know when you may have to avail yourself of the services of the recruiter or interviewer again in the future. Perhaps the new job may not be what you had hoped and you decide to leave the company. Now you’re back in the job market!

So please think twice before being a ‘no-show’.