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The Whistle Has Blown for 2017!


by Mark Smith

over 1 year ago


So here we are at the pointy end of the 2017 AFL season. In 2017, we saw the phenomenal success of the inaugural women’s AFL comp and enjoyed competing against over 400 of you, in people2people’s weekly tipping ‘fun’. So who were our winners this year?

Congratulations to ours:

3) THIRD PLACE getters Ben Dunlop and Corbin Murray.

2) Our runner up winner: Katrina Vertigan

1) And of course, last but certainly not least, our overall winner David McMartin, who takes home the latest Samsung tablet!

A big thank you and highly commended to our weekly winners:

1 Keith Read - HR Manager at Repsol

2 Tony Palermo : Congratulations Tony on being the week 2 winner of people2people's AFL tipping competition. Tony is an example of how far the people2people competition reaches. He is neither a client nor a candidate of people2people and is not personally connected with us.

3 Danielle Gangemi

4 Kris Philpott  : Our lucky footy tipping winner Kris was kind enough to pose with Kym & the Colonel for a quick snap!

5 David Bean : David is an avid Essendon supporter and has been an active club member having not missed a game over the past 20 years! He won round 5, and is coming 2nd overall in the competition.

6 Carly McMartin : I joined the footy tipping comp with my partner, who is an avid AFL fan. I'm a soccer fan (go Victory!!) so it's always good to rub it in when I tip better than him, with gut instinct rather than his extensive research. Well done Carly!

7 Sarah Kerr

8 Gabriella Steer

9 Stacey Brennan : Thank you for my movie tickets!  You guys are awesome!

10 Louie Vacan

11 Irene McMartin

12 jason belt

13 Kev Dans

13 Paul Gregory

14 John Aufderheide

15 David Despotovski

16 Ben Huber

16 Colin Venn

16 Richard Magin

16 Simon Grassier 

16 Tony Palermo : Congratulations Tony on being the week two winner of our AFL competition. Tony is an example of how far the people2people competition reaches. He is neither a client nor candidate of people2people and is not personally connected with anyone working with us. It is believed Tony came across our tipping competition on line and decided to join in the fun. Being social media shy and living in rural Victoria, we couriered a bottle of wine to Tony in recognition of his tipping prowess. Well done Tony! 

17 Peter Smith

18 Chris Armstrong : As a Sydney Swans fan, Chris places his tips a couple of weeks ahead of the games and came out on top this week, winning himself a pair of movie tickets. Well done Chris!

19 Carolyn Hart

20 Kris Philpott

21 David Mcmartin : My son in law was looking for work through people2people and found the competition. I was with him and thought I'd join too. I don’t follow anyone but my son in law does, so I like rubbing his nose in it!
I live in Melbourne but have now retired. I just pick randomly. I do watch what's happening but have no way of knowing, I'm just a lucky person I guess.

22 Ben Dunlop

23 Raffaele Palermo

Looking forward to having your ‘tipping’ company for the 2018 AFL season.

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