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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!


by Elizabeth Punshon

over 1 year ago


Last week I was fortunate enough to win a spot to represent people2people at the RCSA (The Recruitment & Consulting Services Association) Annual Conference. I have been lucky enough to attend two RCSA conferences now, I walked away from both feeling very motivated and inspired!

This year’s event was in Fiji, yes Fiji! Lucky me you say? I have to confess the destination itself has never been on my bucket list. In fact friends would’ve heard me say I will never go there! I can’t really pinpoint why, I know lots of friends who always travel to locations such as Fiji, Bali and Thailand but none of them have ever been on my radar. I’m more of a city girl, my absolute favourite destination being New York. I’ve been there three times in 5 years! 

So it may not surprise you, that the morning I was due to fly out to Fiji I woke up feeling very anxious. The fear of the unknown perhaps? Or was it because I was travelling to a country I have never been to before without the support and companionship of my partner? As it was a work trip, I was forced to turn that feeling of fear off and embrace the trip to get the most out of the conference and maximise my time out of the office! 

What was the result? I absolutely LOVED Fiji! What a beautiful destination! The weather, the sunsets, the service and people were absolutely outstanding! It completely surpassed my expectations and I have already told my colleagues, family and friends I will be going back! It’s crazy to think I may have never experienced Fiji if it weren’t for the fact I was given the opportunity to attend through my work. It makes me think what other destinations, activities, or further personal development opportunities are out there? I know now that I won’t be put off or have a fear of trying.

So I challenge you today, in your professional and personal lives, to get out of your comfort zone, you just might like it! 

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