Job Hunting Tips

It Takes Two to Tango

Posted by Tammy
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Recruitment involves assisting job seekers find jobs and filling job vacancies for hiring managers. As the ‘people in the middle’, our job is to meet the needs of both parties and you can imagine that this can be quite tricky to juggle at times. That’s where you, as a job seeker, can come in.

Yes, we are trying to find you the right job. We love seeing you land that position and the excitement that comes with it. However, you the job seeker should also be proactive in your job search as well. If you’ve seen one of our vacancies advertised that we have not yet called you about, and you believe that you fit the criteria, by all means please pick up the phone! Chances are, we will be able to tell you from the get go if you’re the right fit for the role or not. Now, let me stress that this does not mean that you should be calling us about any old job that you see we have advertised. Please read through it and make sure that you fit the criteria – is the hiring manager looking for specific systems’ experience, do they need a certain type of experience? These requirements can often be non-negotiable, for both of us.

So why should you play an active role in your job search instead of sitting back and letting us do the work? Well, first and foremost, it might speed up the process! There’s a chance we may have already met you and can put you forward straight away if you fit the bill. It also has the potential to demonstrate your skillset by showing initiative, efficiency and being proactive.

As recruiters, we are invested in helping you with your job search. But the cold hard truth is that it takes two to tango. As you would expect, there are a high number of people, like you who are also job seeking and so we aren’t just sourcing the right role for you, alone. You need to be just as invested in the process and you need to be proactive. So it’s definitely worth your while to give us a call if we haven’t contacted you regarding a vacancy.