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Xoxo – Jessica

Posted by Rachel
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The manner in which you sign off on an email may seem obvious to most, however after receiving a high number of job applications this past week, I thought I’d take the time to address how important it is to sign off your email/texts professionally.

So why is it so important to have a professional sign off? Here are a few reasons;

  • Including slang or colloquial language in a job application can impact your recruiter’s/potential employer’s opinion of your communication style

  • First impressions count! Ensure that the recruiter/hiring manager takes your email seriously and forms the view that you are a professional candidate

  • Is this how you will speak with your potential employers? Whenever I see a candidate speaking or acting in a casual way, it can impact the opinion I form about where the work environment for them might be.

  • Equally, is this how you’ll speak with your potential employer’s clients? Is your text/email style professional and well written? Your potential employer’s business does not want to be impacted if you can’t articulate yourself in a clear and professional manner.

So, I would therefore recommend the following approaches:

Yours sincerely, Best regards, With thanks, Kind regards, Many thanks, thanks and even Yours faithfully to be very formal.

Taking the time to type a few extra characters can help prevent misinterpretation by the recipient. As emails and text are logged and irreversible, I encourage you to always put your best foot forward or in this case, your best language forward when composing texts or emails. If you’re unsure, I recommend signing off with a simple ‘thankyou’. This will hopefully ensure your email is polite and professional at all times.