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Understanding An Interview

Peta Seaman Posted by Peta
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As a recruitment consultant, I interview people daily and over the course of my career I must have interviewed over 200 people. As a result, I always feel confident when interviewing as a candidate. I caught the train today and found myself eavesdropping on a couple discussing the way they handle job interviews and giving each other tips and ideas on how they should respond to particular questions. Whilst this was all very interesting, the part that caught my attention was a comment made by one of them. "Recruiters don't really see us as people they see us as a product and they are gathering information to understand the benefits of this product." The other was obviously discouraged by this revelation and responded by saying, "I see myself as having many weaknesses and feel like I am not a good product."

That was when the young man said something that made me feel proud to be a recruiter.

“That’s why you need to see a recruiter. They interview you to get the best understanding of your skills and they place you in the right job for you.”

That's right, we place the right candidate into the right jobs.