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So You're Going on a Holiday

Posted by Tammy
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You’re taking annual leave and are off for a holiday. How exciting! It’s well deserved, I’m sure and I bet you can’t wait! Before you leave for your exciting or relaxing getaway, there are probably a few things you need to attend to first. Here are a few ideas.

1. Hand it over

Where is your work up to? It’s important to update your colleagues on what you’re working on and what has been happening. Does someone need to cover for you while you’re away? What are the latest updates on projects you’ve been working on and deadlines you have been striving towards? Having said that, you should always keep projects in mind when booking annual leave. A handover before your holiday is always worthwhile.

2. Tell them

Are you on the phone regularly with customers or clients? It might be a good idea to send them a quick email that you are heading off on annual leave. It can be extremely frustrating when you’re talking to a person one day, then call the next, only to find out they will be away for the next week. Plan ahead.

3. Finish it off

Don’t be that person who leaves things unfinished when they leave for a holiday. Wrap up your projects as much as you can and finish your work. It will only save you from extra stress when you get back into the office.

4. Work out the rules

No doubt your email inbox will be flooded upon your return. Think about setting up folders and rules for better organisation. You’ll also want to add an out of office note for the period you are away.

5. Actually relax

This one is for when you’ve actually hit the beach or start your relaxing holiday wherever in the world! While it’s okay to check your emails during your holiday, remember to take time out and actually relax – enjoy the holiday.