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The Value of Customer Service

Posted by Rachel
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Today is day 1 after returning from a sunny holiday in the beautiful Islands of Honolulu. Whilst I was lucky enough to enjoy crystal clear sea waters, amazing marine life and travelling the Island with one of my best friends, I did experience some pretty awful customer service. So it started me thinking, upon returning home from paradise, what level of service should be expected across all industries?

In America, generally a tip will vary between 15% - 20% and is typically expected as waiters in restaurants get paid much less than the minimum federal wage. In Australia, mercifully, things tend to be much simpler and in my experience I will only leave a tip if the service is exceptional. Similar to recruitment, hiring managers won’t choose to work with people2people unless we are able to provide a professional and consistent service. So working with people2people, you will:

  • Work with an experienced team as over 40% of our employees have been with our business for more than 5 years
  • Follow up, you will hear from us during each step of the recruitment process. Al lot of service providers don’t follow up. 95% of hiring managers who have listed a vacancy with people2people would promote or are positive about their experience with people2people.
  • High levels of Candidate Service – our candidates become our clients. You never bite hand that feeds you! people2people truly value our candidates as we know that some of our best clients can and have been candidates with our business. 88% of all registered candidates would promote or are positive about their experience with people2people.

The difference between mediocre customer service and brilliant customer service ultimately comes down to the people. When looking for your next temp, chose a recruitment agency that values service.