Job Hunting Tips

The Things I Wish I Knew

Posted by Emma
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When I first arrived in Sydney after 3 months of travelling across South East Asia I was keen to find work to make some money. When searching for work in a brand new city I thought that if I had a look on Seek, applied to as many jobs as possible and crossed my fingers then I would definitely get something… Anything! Looking back on my more naïve self, I wish that I knew the things that I now know from working in recruitment.

1. Read the Advert

If the advertisement is looking for experience– please ensure you have that experience. If the advertisement is seeking a specific qualification – please ensure you have that qualification. And so on. Use the bullet points within the advertisement as a guide line – do you tick the boxes?  

2. If you hold a 417 working holiday visa you are only eligible for TEMPORARY positions.

Unfortunately, permanent positions are just that – permanent. The 417 Working Holiday Visa allows you to work for one company for 6 months only. Therefore, this is classed as temporary work. Temporary does not mean part time. You can work full time (or part time) hours in a temporary position. This just means that the role has a pending finish date.  

3. Update your resume

If you are no longer working within your most recent role ensure you add the date that you finished – do not leave this as ‘current’ if it is not your current role (sounds obvious, doesn’t it?) If there are long gaps in your resume (as there was on mine!) justify this gap. WHY were you off work for three months, where were you and what were you doing? Whether you were on holiday or studying, or taking a break for another reason it is worth mentioning.  

4. Stand out from the crowd

Pick up the phone. Introduce yourself. Make a lasting and impressive first impression. If you have any questions then this is a perfect opportunity to ask. Make sure you have a pen and paper in case you need it.  

5. Prepare for the interview

Success – you have secured an interview. Prepare yourself. Dress smart. Arrive 5 minutes before (do NOT arrive 30 minutes early to show you are keen –this gives the impression that the interviewers time is not important to you). Be enthusiastic, friendly, personable and honest. Know your resume and have your references prepared. Be yourself.   Looking back on my two-years-younger self I am ashamed to admit that I often hid being emails, emailing recruiters when I didn’t want to accept a job or when I had any questions. Recruiters are humans too believe it or not. Call us! Keep in contract, regularly. This is a two way street. A call is quick, you won’t be left ‘unread’ for half a day, and you will build a meaningful rapport with your recruiter.