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Tailoring Your Resume to The Role

Posted by Tammy
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As you can appreciate, working in recruitment, I get to see a lot of resumes. Some are good, others not so much. What really seems to stick out though, is that a lot of resumes have not been tailored to highlight the key areas which suit for the role for which the jobseeker is applying. So, how do you write the perfect resume for the role for which you are applying?

  1. Keep it relevant

In your previous roles, make sure you list any responsibilities/duties that will be required of you in the new role.  If you’ve had experience in areas other than required by the job vacancy for which you are applying, don’t over emphasise it. Add extra detail to your relevant work experience.

  1. Match the job description

When writing your resume, make sure you read the job description of the position, carefully. Do your skills or experience match with the requirements of the role? What is required? If so, great! Make sure you detail that in your resume.

  1. Use the correct language

Use the appropriate language for the industry in which the role is related. If applicable, use some technical terms relevant to the industry – but don’t overdo it.

  1. Layout

If you’re applying for a graphic design role, it’s probably wise to impress your potential new employers with your graphic design skills, so dress up your resume a little bit. However, if you’re applying for a role which doesn’t require you to be a graphics guru, just keep the layout simple, neat and presentable. It’s important to note that your resume isn’t going to get you the job, but there is a higher likelihood of you securing that valuable interview if your resume is relevant, well written and specifically tailored to the job.