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Should I take the Money or My Dream Job?

Posted by Tammy
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I’ve previously been told that workers can fall into two categories. There are those who are hungry for the money; they’ll do whatever it takes to earn those top dollars and they love the thrill of the chase. The second category are those who will more than happily step aside from the high earning role so they can live their true purpose or dream job. Let me be clear though - this blog has not been written to bag out one category, or discriminate in any way. It’s simply a piece to get you thinking.

Something I find that a lot of younger, even some older people face, is finding one’s ‘purpose’. What does that even mean? How are you supposed to figure out your ‘dream job’ if you haven’t had much experience? One of the best pieces of advice I received, and it was so true for myself, is that the moment you stop searching for this purpose or the dream job, is the moment things start to change and everything seems to fall into place. Wise words.

On your journey to find the dream job, you might have been exposed to many positions that were right ‘for the moment’, helped you to get on your feet or even ones that you semi-enjoyed and had the added benefit of a heavy pay check. The money is tempting right? If you find it is, you’re not alone, and you shouldn’t feel guilty if it is that way. I personally believe that if the chase for attaining KPI’s in order to reach your bonus is something that you thrive off of, that’s not a problem. If the money gets to your head and starts to affect other aspects in your life, then I believe that’s when it manifests into something else.

You might be lucky enough to genuinely enjoy the job with the high pay check and if you do, that’s amazing! But others might be faced with the conundrum – should I take the money or should I chase my dream job?  High pay check, in a job you either hate or only semi-enjoy, or a lower pay check but in your dream job. What a choice.

Ultimately, it’s only one you can make. Remember that every job will have its non-enjoyable aspects, and you’re not going to wake up every day bouncing out of bed to get to work – you’re human; you have your off days. However, I believe it’s important to fill your life with things that you are passionate about. Life isn’t about dragging yourself to work every day, and waiting for the weekend to roll around, only to go through the cycle all again from the get go on Monday. It’s about thriving and truly living each moment – whether that be in your at work or at home. I believe that happiness and quality of life far more outweigh a heftier salary, but that’s just me.