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Mature Age Job Seekers

Posted by Samantha
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people2people’s 2017 Market Survey Report, our people2people Post is now available. The p2p Post is a comprehensive research document which covers market and salary information for Australia’s Eastern Seaboard. It specifically hones in on salaries paid to staff in various industries and at various levels. The data is fresh and relates specifically to 2017 and is a great tool for benchmarking.

There are always new topics in each edition of the p2p post and in the current edition, one that really stands out to me, is the section on mature age job seekers.

This is always a hot topic in Australia and something that many job seekers worry about and are affected by every day.

The Department of Employment asked employers what could be done to improve the employment prospects of mature age people. The top suggestions being; employer attitude, up-skilling training and computer technology skills.

In my opinion, I think it is very judgemental to assume that just because someone is of a mature age, they require extra training on computers and systems. This couldn’t be more wrong!

There seems to be an assumption that older workers are not suitable for employment. Sadly, I’ve spoken to many job seekers who have been affected by this assumption and it just isn’t fair!

At people2people, we pride ourselves on our integrity and ability to source the best candidate for a role and being fully compliant with the relevant discrimination laws. Otherwise, it’s just bad business!

Feel free to comment on this blog regarding your opinion and experiences if you’ve been affected. Please contact us if you would like your copy of the p2p post!