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18 Reasons Why Western Sydney is a Better Place to Work Than Sydney CBD

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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Today I spent the day with the energetic and talented people of the people2people Parramatta office, which services all our clients in Western Sydney. The team is very passionate about their patch, so I thought I would ask them why it’s better to be working in Parramatta and not in Sydney’s CBD. Here are their top 18 reasons!

  1. Parramatta and Western Sydney is culturally diverse

  2. Authentic food – special mention El Jannah chicken!

  3. Developing and growing. There is an energy to Parramatta and it’s clear that its Sydney’s 2ndCBD

  4. New buildings and growth means there are plenty of new facilities to exploit.

  5. Less bull sh**t! You can cut through all of the crap when you do business in the West.

  6. Western Sydney University is in the top 60 best new universities in the world.

  7. Less crowded! Less traffic grind in Parramatta.

  8. You’re in the middle of Sydney!

  9. The Powerhouse museum is moving. There is a reason.

  10. 51% of the NSW population lives in Western Sydney.

  11. Cost of living is cheaper.

  12. Way cooler ‘fully sick’ cars!

  13. Parking! More places are accessible by car and you don’t always have to pay for parking.

  14. Western Sydney Wanderers , Parramatta Eels and the mighty GWS Giants! What else man!

  15. A growing arts scene without pretension.

  16. No entry fees for the club scene – according to the upwardly mobile single consultants in our office.

  17. No lock out laws when you do party in Parramatta.

  18. Passionate local Western Sydney siders.

If that’s not a whole bunch of reasons to look for a new career in Western Sydney, I don’t know what is!