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What Not to Do in a Job Interview

Posted by Tammy
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You applied for the job a week ago and have just received a phone call asking you to attend an interview! Nervous? Excited? Probably both. This is it. Your dream job or a step in the next direction. Whatever the reason, you’ve got to nail this interview. So here’s what not to do…

1. Don’t be late or too early

An obvious point, but one that seems to slip the minds of A LOT of candidates who come through for interviews. There seems to be a constant trend of people either arriving far too early (say, 30 minutes early) or late (even after 20 minutes late). Arrive ten minutes before your interview.

2. Don’t interrupt

We understand you might be just overly excited for the job or extremely nervous. No matter, make sure you don’t interrupt the interviewer. Let them finish the question so you can understand what they are actually asking. It’s also okay to ask them to clarify a point if you’re still unsure.

3. Don’t wear casual clothes

Dress to impress! Office or corporate attire is the way to go, even if you won’t necessarily be wearing your ‘interview clothes’ on a daily basis. Create a lasting first impression.

4. Don’t arrive unprepared

You need to be prepared for your interview. Bring a copy of your resume so you can see what sections the recruiter is referring to when they ask questions. Bring your ID and research the company. If you don’t know the identity of the hiring company, do some research on the recruitment agency.  It’s important for you to be aware of who you are dealing with.

5. Don’t use your phone

Turn your phone off, or the very least, on silent. You really don’t want your phone to ring/buzz/vibrate during your interview. It’s probably best you don’t check Facebook while you’re waiting for your interview to commence. Just keep your phone in your bag or pocket, out of temptation’s way.