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Maifea’s Week of Work Placement with people2people

Posted by John
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My name is Maifea (Fea), I am a Year 12 student.  I chose people2people recruitment as my work placement because I am willing to learn more about recruitment. When I first heard the name people2people, I thought everyone must be a people person and I noticed during my week here, how everyone does get along in this workplace. I am thankful for everything that happened during this week, as this was a chance of a life time. 

For the few days I was with people2people, I learnt so many things, such as  how to scan documents, how to use the scanner, how to put a resume into the standard people2people format, how to input data into the database, greeting candidates, following people on Twitter and much, much more. 

Upon my arrival I was greeted by the wonderful receptionist ( called a peoplemanager) called Gaby and she introduced me to Lisa, the Shared Services Manager. Gaby then showed me around the workspace. She showed me the interviewing rooms, rooms 1, 2 and 4.  

I was looking for room 3, but it’s called Fishbowl as it’s surrounded by glass! On my second day, Janet, the Contracts Administrator, showed me the ropes in the workplace.  I learnt so much from Janet. I am lucky and grateful that I had my work placement here at people2people because this business environment has benefited me in a way I had never thought of. Janet also showed me how to set up a brand new computer onto the desk which was really fun. A few colleagues took me with them so I could observe their interviews. This helped me understand the recruitment process and to get a general understanding of what people2people does. The interviews were one of my favourite things I experienced, because I got to meet a variety of people. 

This experience made me realise that I should be open when I have an interview and the importance of connecting with the person who is interviewing me. Spending a whole week with people2people has changed me as a person in a positive way. I have learnt what not to do and what to do, when in a similar environment. 

At people2people, I felt welcomed and part of the team, which was really nice of them. I just want to give a big thank you to the lovely people2people team, especially Janet who was my supervisor/instructor for making my week of work placement an enjoyable one.  I’m going to miss everyone talking so loud on the phone!