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5 Reasons Why People Resign

Posted by Tammy
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Staff turnover. It’s a dreaded word, especially if it seems to be increasing at your company. But your organisation is a good place to work, isn’t it? Or so you might think… Here are five reasons why people resign.

1. Management

They say that employees don’t always leave an organisation, but often a manager. Management style is an important factor that can greatly influence employee satisfaction and subsequently, performance. On the other hand, you might find certain personalities clashing which can make it tricky territory to work in.

2. No opportunity for growth

If your workers feel like there is no space for them to grow and advance their careers, it’s likely that most will opt for moving on further down the track. Providing opportunities for this where possible is important, as well as giving tasks that will keep them engaged.

3. Lack of work-life balance

It’s something that seems to be growing in popularity and keeps popping up in the wants and needs of several of our candidates. Work-life balance has really taken off in recent years as people start to understand just how important it is. Although it is understandable that you may not be able to have someone off on a holiday every month, there may need to be a little leniency in giving your employees time off as well as understanding that life throws some curveballs sometimes!

4. Underappreciated

This is a very obvious reason why someone might not be so thrilled working with the company. If they feel underappreciated, what’s stopping them from finding a place where they do? Appraisal is important, make sure good work doesn’t go unnoticed, make sure you have regular catch ups ( or 121’s), let them know when they’re doing well.

5. Overworked

This point coincides with a lack of work-life balance, however, it is still noteworthy. Understandably, nobody likes to wake up for work with an impending sense of stress every day. That stress can roll over into personal lives, and that’s where things get messy, potentially resulting in a resignation in search for a less stressful job. Aside from the fact that people’s lives can change directions, these are just some of the reasons why you might be finding your employees keep resigning. Although not an exhaustive list, they are definitely worth looking at.