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Why You Should Hire a Millenial (like me!)

Posted by Tammy
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Millennials. The word has been circulating in our vocabulary for some time now, so I’m sure you have heard it at some point. You either love us, or you ‘hate’ us. Often ridiculed and stereotyped as lazy individuals with our heads in the clouds and faces pointed down towards our smart phones, I’m here to vouch for my fellow millennials and tell you why you should hire one.


  1. We’re technologically savvy

    IT issues? We’ve got it. Now I’m not saying that we are experts and your IT specialist is not required. I’m just saying that we can often suggest a quick fix for the formulae on Excel that just aren’t adding up, or the margins on your Word document that won’t move. We’ll save you time and possibly the energy of Googling for hours on how to find the solution.

  2. We want to do ‘good’

    Despite the stereotype that we are lazy and despise putting in the hard yards, many surveys actually reveal that millennials want to make a positive change. We want to do ‘good’. We want to find meaning within our careers [1] and we want to make a difference. Who doesn’t want an employee with that mindset?

  3. We are optimistic

    No, we’re not positive 100% of the time and we have our ‘down’ days like everybody else. However, a recent study by Forbes showed that 97% of millennials are ‘extremely optimistic about what lies ahead for them’ [1]. Wouldn’t it be nice to add some of that optimism to your business?

  4. We have our values

    I’m not suggesting that other generations don’t have their own values, but it has been highlighted that millennials can often be extremely passionate about our own. The Millennial Survey found that ‘50% of millennials would take a pay cut to find work that matches their values…’ [2]. Chances are, we won’t want to work for a company whose values don’t align with ours. Therefore, if we are applying for a role with you, it’s probably because we like what we see!

  5. We want to learn

    Millennials want the opportunity to learn new skills and progress further in our careers. We want to learn from your expertise. We’ll be even more invested if you invest in our skills development.

1. Perlis, M 2016 ‘Forbes Survey Reveals What Millennials Really Want’, Forbes, June 6 2016
2. Poswolsky, A 2015, ‘What Millennial Employees Really Want’, Fast Company, April 6 2015