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The Five Office Personality Types

Posted by Tammy
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Working in an office environment with numerous personalities can be both rewarding and challenging. Can you spot the different personality types? Here are five of them!

1. The Road Runner

This person is easy to spot – or are they? The Road Runner is characterised by their impatient demeanour and constant ability to run late for everything. Late to work every day? That’s the Road Runner. See someone dashing by you in the office? You guessed it, the Road Runner.

2. The Grinch

This person is just a downright Negative Nancy most of the time. Everything seems just a little bit much for the Grinch and you won’t feel very many positive vibes coming your way from this character.

3. The Clown

Like any classroom, the office usually has a ‘class clown’ somewhere. Laughter just seems to follow this person and they’re not afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone. Smiles go a long way with the ’Clown’ and you’ll probably hear them sharing their crazy stories from the weekend every Monday, just to make you laugh.

4. Mrs Mangel*

Do I need to elaborate? Well if Mrs Mangles is around, I surely do! This person loves to know what’s going on with everyone, at every moment of the day. If you’re talking with your colleague in the lunch room, chances are that Mrs Mangles is not far behind. They love to know all of the gossip and to just be involved. Although, let me stress, they usually mean well.

5. The Chatterbox

This one is fairly self-explanatory. The Chatterbox loves to chat. You’ll hear their voice above everyone else’s while they are on the ‘phone and you will notice that they can easily drop their work to tell you about their personal life. Again, no harm intended! So, which one are you?   *A reference to a character in an Australian soap opera called Neighbours, you may have heard of it.