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Rise of the Robots

Posted by Tammy
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It’s 7.00pm on a Friday night and you’ve met a group of friends for dinner at your favourite restaurant. Sorry, did I say actual people? I meant Facebook/Instagram/Twitter friends or followers… Now I’m not ‘hating on’ technology at all. Of course we wouldn’t be able to do so many of the things we can today without some form of digital/technological assistance. It has literally changed our lives and made an incredible number of resources available at our fingertips. Although often ridiculed in the media for its addictive tendencies (which can be true), there is a plus side to the rise of the robots. What exactly is that, you may ask? Well, as technology is constantly developing, newly created positions are simultaneously being generated. According to the November 2016 SEEK Insights & Resources report, ‘job ads in the marketing and communications industry also rose by 10%....’ ‘Digital marketing has gone crazy…’ (Christie) [1] 

In an article by Graham Lloyd, featured in The Weekend Australian, titled ‘Future Shocks’, Lloyd discusses twelve future technologies that underpin the Fourth Industrial Revolution including 3-D Printing, Advanced Computer Technologies, Nanotechnology and Virtual and Augmented Realities. He states, ‘Software will disrupt most leading industries and companies within a decade’ [2]. And what does that mean for the job seekers out there? Lloyd suggests that improved communication will result in employees being able to choose where to live and commute, both electronically and virtually [2]. And for our hiring managers? 

As the digital jobs grow in number, contact us if you need a hand…by phone…by email…by Instagram…by Twitter…by Linked In…by Facebook…well you get the idea! References

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