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Just Shut Up and Listen!

Posted by Sam
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The important component of any interview between a recruiter and a job seeker, is when the job seeker is explaining what they want in their next job. What’s negotiable and more importantly what’s not negotiable. 

What is definitely not negotiable, is the recruiter commencing a job search for the job seeker, based upon what the recruiter thinks the job seeker wants. In other words, not listening to what the job seeker has explained to them in their interview and ‘pushing’ them into a ‘quick fill’ vacancy. Just this week, I met a candidate who wanted to look outside the legal specialisation in which I recruit and into a role in a more ‘creative’ industry. 

This candidate was just ideal for a legal role, but I soon realised that she only met with me to discuss her options of moving out of the legal profession. Prior to meeting with me, she had met with four other legal recruiters, who had totally disregarded her objectives and only briefed her on their legal vacancies. 

This is really the easy way out and not playing the ‘long game’. 

A great candidate is a great candidate, irrespective of what job they are briefed on. So with this in mind, I referred her to one of my colleagues who does specialise in creative roles and who could give her considerably more knowledgeable and practical advice than I ever could. So whilst I won’t have the pleasure of placing this particular candidate, she will be much happier knowing someone has listened to her in her interview and you never know; she may even refer a couple of other great candidates…ones who want to remain in the legal profession!