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I'm Not Just Your Consultant but Your Business Partner Too!

Christina Sclavos Posted by Christina
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Having been in the recruitment industry since 2011, I have developed many business relationships that have overtime morphed from recruiter and candidate to recruiter and hiring manager and vice versa. Placing candidates successfully into hiring manager positions, can be the best form of business development, allowing recruiters to secure future business from that placement, or so one would think. If you know someone in your network or inner circle who is a recruiter, you might be aware of the rejection that is a part of our everyday lives (hence the all too familiar comparison of recruitment to the “ex” that you swear you want to forget about, but seem to talk about constantly over a glass of wine). What went wrong? What could I have done differently? Is it me? 

I have recently been ‘rejected’ and let me tell you it HURTS! As recruiters, we can and often do, help place job seekers and subsequently become their recruitment consultants. In this instance, a placed candidate of mine who is in a hiring manager position reached out to another agency prior to engaging with me for recruitment assistance. I was left feeling very confused. Did I not provide a high quality of service during their original job search? Did I not listen to what was important to them in their new role? Were they not happy with my service or me? Upon reflection, I realised that maybe they just weren’t comfortable in engaging their personal recruiter for recruitment assistance in their new role. Maybe, they want to keep me for their own personal job searches in the future. So I thought it would be worth highlighting to you all, that as a recruiter I am not only your consultant, but I can also be your recruitment partner. 

Let me help you again in a different way. I know you. I know your motivations and your business well. Let’s keep working together!