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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Posted by Sally
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Hi, I’m Sally from people2people and I wanted to talk today about some tips on how to prepare for a job interview. The first piece of interview advice consultants at people2people give to candidates is do your research! And being well prepared shows enthusiasm and professionalism.

Researching the company is key. Get an understanding of what they do, their office locations, and see if they have a ‘news and media’ page to find out about their latest announcements. You probably won’t be quizzed, but demonstrating what you know will definitely impress and give you the confidence to answer any questions a hiring manager may ask. Another aspect where you can do research is to find out about whom you are meeting. 

With Linkedin, this is easier than ever and is a sure fire way to build rapport with your potential new Manager. Finally, know the role and your own resume inside out. Understanding the core responsibilities and competencies will help you answer behavioural questions confidentially, and enable you to respond to questions about your strengths and weakness. Surprisingly, quite a few candidates do not take the time to prepare for an interview. 

I’ve personally had clients be thrilled at the level of research candidates put in, and it can weigh quite highly when it comes to decision time. I hope this video blog as helped, and if you’re looking for further interview tips – please head to Thanks!