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Why Melbourne?

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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I visit the people2people team regularly in our Melbourne office and each and every time I turn up, the team try to convince me to move to one of the planet’s ‘most liveable cities’. So why exactly would you want to consider a move to the capital of Victoria? Here are 20 reasons why;

  1. Melbourne has been voted most liveable city

  2. You get a public holiday for a horse race!

  3. You get a public holiday for a footy grand final!

  4. One of the four grand slam tennis opens, the Australian Open, is played in Melbourne every year.

  5. You can drive an hour and be in the Yarra Valley tasting some remarkable Shiraz

  6. Melbourne has the world’s second largest Greek population, outside Greece, so you can get a great Yeeros!

  7. Trams make getting around Melbourne easy and a pleasure

  8. Coffee, coffee, coffee!

  9. Great shopping

  10. Great suburbs to visit and explore like Richmond, Fitzroy, Prahran, South Yarra, Yarravilloe!

  11. Galleries, galleries, galleries.

  12. The Australian Grand prix

  13. Sport, Sport, Sport. Melbournians love their sport.

  14. Great jobs with some of Australia’s biggest and largest companies.

  15. Long summer nights.

  16. Take a day trip down the Great Ocean Road.

  17. Get to the snow in winter within 3 – 4 hours

  18. Restaurants, Restaurants, Restaurants

  19. The people of Melbourne welcome people from around the world with open arms

  20. …the people2people team!