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Tackling Those Tricky “Common” Interview Questions

Posted by Gabby
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So you haven’t had an interview for a while, you’re back ‘in the market’ or simply need some guidance on what type of questions to expect in an interview. Here are some of the tricky and most likely ‘typical’ questions to expect in an interview and the best approach to take when trying to answer them. (Remember every interview is different so DO YOUR RESEARCH first) 

So tell me about yourself 

This doesn’t mean tell me your whole life story, approach this strategically with how your experience matches the role you are interested in. A good approach is to start with your current role, then prior experience and finish with your future (why you are interested and why you think you are right for the role) 

Why are you interested in this role? 

This means exactly that, outline all the reasons why/what you like about the role. Be very specific to the particular role in which you’re interested, avoid general statements, otherwise they might not believe you are interested. This can include the responsibilities or the opportunity to learn and grow new skills and detail the exact duties which interest you. Remember this will vary in EVERY interview so don’t give a generic response. 

Why are you looking to leave/left your current/previous role? 

Be honest here, you need to explain exactly what it is about your role that is making you want to leave/left. However ALWAYS approach this with a positive stance, if your previous role isn’t challenging you and is ‘boring’, frame it in a positive way, such as you are looking to challenge yourself in a more senior role. Never speak negatively about your previous employer/manager, it will only make them wonder what you would have to say about them, if/when you move on again. 

What are your weaknesses? 

As well as asking about your strengths, a much trickier question is what are your weaknesses or tell me about a time you failed. You HAVE to answer this question otherwise you could risk being perceived as having a lack of self-awareness (also no one is perfect). The best approach is to outline a weakness but to expand on how you have/will improve it. For example, you might answer around a particular software package, however you have started to apply yourself to online courses or signed up to online testing to improve using this particular system. You have answered the question and shown you are a quick learner! 

Why do you think you are the right fit for this role? 

Go for it….SELL YOURSELF! This is your chance. Articulate your strengths, skills and previous experience, which will make you the perfect fit for the role. Always make sure you illustrate your experience with examples and always prepare for this question prior to each individual interview you attend. Remember just be yourself, this is all about you after all and your new role needs to be a good fit for everyone and most importantly you!