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New Year, New Job!

Kirsten Garrett Posted by Kirsten
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This is a common phrase we hear in the first few months of every New Year. This year it could actually be a reality! With one month behind us (can you believe it?!), the recruitment market in February is now in full swing. January 2017 picked up where 2016 left off, very busy! 

All recruiters were briefed to fill vacancies by Line Managers as quickly as possible as Christmas 2016 approached and many of these recruiters worked through the holiday period. Interestingly, people2people has recorded the highest number of permanent roles called in for the month of January since we commenced trading in 2005. 

The temporary numbers also did not drop the expected 25% as budgeted for the Christmas/New Year holiday period. In the accounting and finance specialisation, the recruitment demand has been focused on the transactional and qualified levels across all disciplines within a variety of industries. Line Managers are eager to get a head start on their competitors and are looking to make quick recruitment decisions. 

Job seekers are returning to the job market in high numbers, having put their ‘feelers out’. Job seekers are most commonly keen to pursue opportunities where they can work collaboratively in a team environment with Managers who are looking to support their development. In addition, they are routinely asking for flexibility to juggle family commitments and the ability to work from home, if necessary and available. 

If you are a Hiring Manager looking to add to your team in 2017, replacing a team member who has been promoted or who has won Lotto, then please reach out to people2people. Likewise, if 2017 is your year to make a change, please contact us. For accounting specialisation enquiries, please contact me on 8270 9720 or I look forward to working with you in 2017!