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Work Experience by Celan

Posted by John
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Coming to people2people for work experience with little knowledge of how a recruitment agency works, helped me get a better understanding and knowledge of how an office environment functioned. When I first arrived to the agency, I was most overwhelmed at the thought of me working in an office environment, but with the greeting of Janet and a quick tour of the office, I felt more at ease with the idea. 

Everyone was very welcoming, greeting me with smiles and made me feel more comfortable being in an office. On my first day, I was out the front with Kat (the receptionist, who are called a peoplemanager at people2people)). 

Learning about how the candidate interview process worked and the requirements that they needed. Being allowed to sit in the interview rooms and listen to all the different questions that the people2people consultants were asking to get the best outcome of what each individual wanted, was something new for me and helped me with thinking about what I wanted in my future. For the rest of the week, I was in the main office where all the recruitment consultants worked, doing tasks that were set out for me such as scanning, out of office mailing and data base work. For me, the best part of the work experience was getting to see new candidates and sitting in their interviews. It helped me get a better understanding of what I need to do to help me prepare for my future and how to write a proper resume. 

Being in this kind of environment helped me with understanding more about what a recruitment agency was like and what the people2people recruitment consultants did. I loved being surrounded by the people2people team, because they are such a welcoming team and they don’t hesitate to help you out, if you need it. This experience has really helped with preparing me for my future. 

Thank you to the people2people team for having me and making this an enjoyable week.