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Up and Coming Career Trends for 2017

Posted by Tammy
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2017 not only brings us a new year and as with most, brings a lot of change. “New year, new me”, “New Year’s resolutions” and re-inventing oneself, are all often discussed when January rolls by again. Among the many changes which can be made, people will often lean towards a career change in addition to their newfound lifestyles. So, what trends can you expect in 2017?

1. Work-life balance

Self-care has become more popular than ever in recently and it’s most likely here to stay. Slowly, but ever so surely, it’s not going to be considered selfish by the general public to put your own needs first and emphasise the need for a more balanced life between work and home.

2. Start-ups

Start-ups are constantly increasing, as the new entrepreneurs of the world opt for new and innovative business ideas of their own. Don’t be surprised if your acquaintance/colleague/friend tells you that they are starting their own business and would love to have you along for the ride!

3. Pursuit of happiness

Remember how I mentioned that self-care is becoming less ‘selfish’? We’re slowly learning to say no, gracefully, without the guilt and this could be the year that we finally leave the job that no longer captures our heart.

4. Freelance work

As the digital revolution has well and truly arrived, you can expect to see a constant increase in a lot of freelance work, even for years to come. Think graphic design, blogging and social media. These careers give freelancers the opportunity to work from home, as they balance their work around their other commitments.

5. Specifying of roles

Once upon a time we had people working in marketing. That was it. Now we have several different specialisations such as Social Media Managers, SEO Analysts and Social Media Coordinators. I’m sure this is just a taste of what is yet to come. While these predictions have evidence of further progress in the future, who actually knows when they will impact? Only time will tell. References:

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