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Phone Tag…You’re it!

Posted by Tammy
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There’s nothing worse than playing phone tag while you’re trying to get in contact with someone. It’s frustrating for all involved and it can lead nowhere, as you go around in a constant circle. What’s more annoying is that it can eventually result in the other person giving up and forgetting about it all. So, how can you avoid playing the dreaded game?

1. Leave some details

If you’re leaving a voice mail with all of the obvious information (your name, reason for your call, contact details etc.) that’s great. Take it a step further and let them know some times that you’ll be available to chat. Make sure to leave a few options, chances are they might not be available during one of them.

2. Send an SMS

Another option to break the cycle is to send the person a quick SMS. Keep it professional, don’t use any abbreviations and perhaps ask them what time would suit them for a chat.

3. Change your voicemail

Changing your voicemail regularly will advise people in your phone tag cycle, that you are actually still in the office and you will be able to return their call.

4. Pick your timing

If you’re making the first phone call, make sure you choose your time wisely. Calling at the start or end of the working day can be beneficial, to avoid the major working hours of the day. Lunch time can also be a difficult time to reach someone, although a lot of people do have their lunch at their desk. If you’ve been stuck in the cycle for a while now, make sure you try different times of the day.

5. Emphasise the urgency

If your call is regarding an urgent matter, make sure you let them know! There’s nothing wrong with saying that you need to discuss something ASAP. On the other hand, don’t say that just to get a call back sooner, only to end up asking what time suits best for lunch next week. Quit playing phone tag and catch that call with the above tips!