Job Hunting Tips

From interviewee to interviewer

Posted by Brittney
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You're not taught how to interview in high school, so here are some of my tips and tricks to nailing your first interview. What to wear:

  • Clothes: Stick to something simple, tailored and corporate. This may or may not mean a tie for the men or suits for the women, but do your research and ask your recruitment consultant. Let your personality shine through.

  • Less is always more with regards to accessories (bowties, socks, hair, makeup, nails and jewellery). Keep it simple and smart.

  • Note you want to be remembered for your knowledge and personality. Not your crazy Christmas tie or bright orange summer dress.

You're late if you turn up on time. Arrive 5-7 minutes earlier then the set time. Do not arrive 30 minutes early and expect to see someone straight away. You won't. Stay standing when you are placed into an interview room, that way you are on the front foot to shake hands Do your research. Know the role you're interviewing for and have an understanding of the company. Know your resume. Be able to speak fluently about your previous or current company/ people you worked for and what your responsibilities in the role were. Or if you've finished studying and haven't worked previously, try to incorporate relevant competencies/ abilities that would transfer into the role for which you are interviewing. "Do you have any questions?" Your answer should always be yes. Ask them what their experiences are and what they like about working with the company. Always thank the interviewer for their time and shake hands. 

Follow up with an email the following day, thanking them for their time. Ask for their feedback on what you can do better regarding your interview style. If you have engaged the services of a recruitment consultant, we do this type of work for you! I hope all this information is helpful, if you need further information or you have questions on my tips and trick please feel free to give me a call on +612 8270 9796