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To Send or Not to Send Hand Written Christmas Cards?

Kirsten Garrett Posted by Kirsten
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In 2008, people2people started debating the value of hand writing Christmas cards to clients and candidates, with whom we had worked throughout the year. You can ‘Google’ this ongoing debate. Most of the sentiment is that ‘hard copy’ Christmas cards are a thing of the past, snail mail is out dated and switching from the time intensive activity of buying (or designing in the case of the corporate world), writing a personal message and addressing each envelope is time that can be well spent on other activities. An electronic version is just as effective and does not require the labour. 

These arguments may have their value, but I am a ‘baby boomer’ and therefore, I do not think like a millennial, Generation X or Y.  I enjoy writing a good old fashioned, personalised thank you and seasons greeting. I have always maintained that our brand ‘people2people’, is just that. People are the part of my job in recruitment that I enjoy the most. So when it comes to writing a seasons greeting is a labour intensive activity, I really enjoy it. 

I would love to write a card to everyone I have met in my 20 years as a recruiter. Whilst this is impossible, I do endeavour to write to those I have regular contact with and who do business with me throughout the year. For those that do not receive a personally hand written card, the fun of an electronic greeting is still useful. The sentiment is still there and according to much research, holds the same value in the eye of the recipient.